Department of Centre for Secretarial Services


The Department of Office Management and Secretarial Practices is well equipped with latest Infrastructural facilities. Two laboratories for Typewriting and Computer practical classes are operational with 32 typewriters and 15 Computers, respectively. The students get opportunity to practice stenography and work on computers on a regular basis which is a must for a course that has the element of practice as one of its important component.

We also provide Internet facility to all our students which helps them to retrieve the latest information and course material and also enables them to learn important office practices like online bookings, sending and receiving mails, online purchase of equipments, books etc.

Class room presentations are conducted with the help of Multimedia and Over Head Projectors. The office secretaries and managers thereby are trained to present business proposals, projects and reports using the most modern audio visual aids. Innovation in teaching methods has been introduced at Departmental level. The Department uses CD//s and recorded tapes to impart knowledge of different subjects which helps the students to improve their Communication skills apart from making the classroom learning interesting.

Office machines like Scanners, Cyclostyle Machines, Electronic Typewriter and Fax Machine are available to the students for learning about office equipments and machines.

There is a well equipped Library with 743 volumes of books on Management, Stenography, Computers, Personality Development and Interpersonal Skills to increase the knowledge of students at a large scale.