SCM, ECC Unit is one of the oldest Units of Students Christian Movement, India. SCM is an international movement of students with Christian Students and students of other faiths as its members. The international head office of World Student Christian federation is in Geneva and Students Christian Movement, India is a member of this international body with its head office in Bangalore.

This community enables the students to

*       understand critically and participate creatively in the total life in the University and Church.

*       become aware of the contemporary social realities and be involved in the struggle for the fuller humanity.

*       participate in the life of the Church for the mission, renewal and unity.

It also enables the Christian Students

*       To become committed to Jesus Christ as Lord, Savior and Liberator.

In Ewing Christian College, it has been a memorable journey which started with the ministry of Rev. Ralla Ram a pioneer and the first General Secretary of SCMI. We are a truly ecumenical unit with student//s members with different Church denominations and also from different faith perspectives. As a part of our worship and commitment to God the creator of this Universe we care for the society and our ecosystem through regular outreach programs like prayer care, and share and through climate issues and gender justice watch groups.

SCM provides a unique platform for students to grow in spiritual; social and academic process. Dr. (Mrs) L.Hermit is the Staff Advisor of SCM, ECC Unit.