"Challenges is part of life .............. take it in your stride knowing that you will win most of the times. Lose sometimes but, become a better man either way for having tried."


National Cadet Corps existed in Ewing Christian College since 1950//s to ignite the minds of cadets with the motto - UNITY AND DISCIPLINE to develop qualities of character, courage, comradeship, discipline, leadership, secular outlook, spirit of adventure, ideals of selfless service and bring peace, prosperity and bliss to the nation.


1.      Lt. Ajin Ray

2.      S.Lt.  Thomas Abraham


  • There are 2 naval divisions of 50 cadets in each division. The total strength is 100 and 30% seats are reserved for girls.
  • Training forms the backbone of N.C.C. which inculcates in the cadets the traits and qualities of resourcefulness, positive thinking moral and courage. The cadets are required to attend 120 periods per year which includes parade, firing, pulling, sailing, semaphore, rigging service lectures etc.
  • Every year cadets attend CATC, Pre-Nausainik, Nausainik, Pre-RD, Republic Day, N.C.C. Day, Ship Attachment, Sea Training, Advance leadership camps etc.
  • In the month of February ‘BEE// and ‘CEE// certificate examinations are held. Cadets find these certificates of immense value while seeking employment.
  • Since 2002 about 32 cadets have been selected in inform services viz., 10 in Armed forces, 4 in Coast guard, 4 as security officers in Reliance and 14 in Police force.
  • Both the ANOs have been awarded and honored for their performances in workshops, camps and seminars.

Thus N.C.C. is a noble Endeavour in E.C.C. and we must continue to do what it takes to keep the organization, vibrant, relevant, contemporary and attractive to the youth of today. Lastly I quote - "You have to prepare yourself to win".



The women//s cell in Ewing Christian College, Allahabad, was organized on 8th, February 2003 with reference to the letter no : 153/CDC/2002 dated 8th May 2002 issued by the University grants commission, New Delhi, Subject : The issues of violence and sexual harassment against women on the Universities campus.

All the women teaching staff are its voluntary members. The following are the office-bearers :

1.  President                 :           Dr. Pratima Shobha Massey

2.  Secratary                 :           Dr. Liticia Hermit

3.  Treaseur                  :           Dr. Kusum Lata Pandey

4. Counsellor                :           Dr. Alpana Paul

5.  Member                  :           Dr. Sharda Sundram

6.  Member                  :           Dr. Shikhi Sahai

The women cell organizes from time to time various activities as work-shops, seminars, Nukkad-Nataks, Various competitions, training- serious etc to create awareness regarding genda-disenmisnater women-empowerment, violence against women, domestic violence etc.

An active counseling cell is working to solve the problems of the students. The cell is actively participating in controlling the ragging menace in the college-premises and also conducts awareness programs regarding sexual harassment of women at work place.