With the ever increasing demand of life, one needs to not only take care of his physical health but also his mental well-being. Now a days, many people are suffering from depression, Stress, anxiety etc. Organizations are taking serious note on these developments in their employees, as they believe that an organization is as healthy as its employee’s mental & physical health.

Understanding the above need, ECC has introduced the below mentioned course that is designed based on the guidelines of Health care Skill Council and in consultation with various relevant industry partners.

Post Graduate Diploma in Mental Health Management (PGDMHM)     

Mental health management is an approach for improvement of the state of mental health in human beings. It deals with human beings who are in mental stress, decision making, negotiation handling, personal and professional problems and who are suffering with learning disabilities, drug dependency etc. The trained individual with his curriculum will contribute to society in the following form as:


Behavioral coach in organizations.

Counselor for special students in schools and colleges.

Clinical psychologist.

Counselor as general.

NGO manager.

 Management of electronic devices for diagnosis and treatment of mental state of human being.


2yrs i.e. 4 semesters wherein each Semester is of 6 months.
Bachelor Degree in art / Science or final year students.
Admission Written test.
60 Students.
Course Fees Rs. 15000/- per semester (Each semester is of 6 months).
Industries Hiring NGO’s, Education sector, Medical sector etc.