From the desk of Principal

One of the biggest asset of our country is its youth that constitutes about 70% of the population. These young men and women are under 35 years of age and this makes our country a youthful country as compared to many countries including the advanced countries. This is known as a very favourable “Demographic Dividend”. To convert the youth into skilled workforce is one of the biggest challenges that has to be addressed urgently and with this view our Government has created, for the first time, the Ministry of Skill Development. This ministry is organising programmes for skill development at various levels. It has established National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) which has formed 32 Sector Skill Councils in collaboration with industry. These Sector Skill Councils prepare job profiles and course contents for such job profiles, which are designed as per the need of the industry. As compared to pass-outs of general education like B.A. and B.Sc., the students who pass out with the skill sets identified by Sector Skill Councils, will be easily absorbed by the industry, as those students will be fully trained to take up jobs in various sectors.

The responsibility of providing skill based education and training is given to institutes of higher education by the University Grants Commission and Ewing Christian College is fortunate to be selected both as a Community College and as College for the launch of B. Voc. Degree programmes. To realise the vision of the government and the University Grants Commission, Ewing Christian College has braced itself up to function as “Community College” which will engage in imparting skill based courses in the format of Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Degree programmes. To organise the functioning of the Community College effectively, the college has established “Institute of Skill Development” as the nodal body for coordinating interaction between various college departments and centres within the college and with the industry partners outside the college. In this way, Ewing Christian College is committing itself to realise the vision of “Skill India” being so enthusiastically pushed by our government.