The library is well equipped with modern facilities; as 15 workstations connected on LAN and with the remote server through Wifi with broadband connectivity of 2 mbps are installed which are being used during the college hours.


 College is already registered on N- LIST (National Library and Information Services Infrastructures for Scholarly content) Website which is an initiative of Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) Under the National Mission on Education through ICT. On these workstations, Students can access up to 1,00,000 plus e-books and 3000 plus e-journals on the N-LIST. Students are accessing e-resources with facilities for Photostat and on line printer which are available on payment. A huge number of text and reference books (60000 old and 30000 new in circulation) are available through open shelf system, with a ratio of 30 books per student. Along with this, special collection of Encyclopedia Britannica, Encyclopedia of religion and ethics are also available in the library.


Apart from the Main Library, nearly each department has got its own library, from where books are issued to the students by teachers.


Over past 6 years, books worth around 8 Lakhs have been added to the library.


The college library is open for students from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on all working days. A separate section for the teachers and researchers are also available in the library which is Wi-Fi enabled and has workstations as e-resources.


A well constituted Library Advisory Committee under the supervision of a Library Secretary is functional. Its composition is as follows-

  1. Library Secretary – Ms. R. R. Lal, Head, Department of Hindi
  2. Assistant Secretary-Dr. Santosh Kumar, Head, Department of Statistics
  3.  V. H. K. Milton



This Committee mainly works out the distribution of Library Grant on the basis of students enrolled in each subject. This committee also plans about the functioning of the library.Some recent initiatives taken by this Committee for rendering the Library user friendly are enumerated below-



  1. Timing of the Library enhanced from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, while previously it was from 10:00 AM to 4:20 PM. Also, during Lunch Hour, the library reading room remains open.


  1. Previously, students used to fill-up issue card and once the book was issued, it was returned only next week. Students complained that they must get opportunity to peruse books before they get it issued as many a times, just by title, they are not able to ascertain about the content. NOW, STUDENTS ARE GIVEN ENTRY IN THE STACK ROOM TO SELECT BOOKS BEFORE THEY GET IT ISSUED.


  1. Number of magazines has been enhanced in the reading section of the library.



The total floor area of the two-floor library spread over six halls is 27 m x 182 meters with seating capacity for 200 students at a time. Fully structured library like display of floor plan with adequate signage and books of different subjects have been provided. There is open shelf system for the students where students can personally go into stack room pursuing the books and select which are to be issued to them. Ramp for Physically challenged students is also available.




A dedicated library software has been designed to fully automate the library operations and the work of training the library staff on its use and data feeding is on.                                     




A dedicated content management system e-learning has been developed and is operational. Connected to wi-fi, it can be accessed all over the campus, including the library.