Career can be compared to driving in a pot-holed road, not very un-common to our country and especially our own city. Any careful driver takes adequate precautions while traversing the roads and the motorist has to make sure that damage to the vehicle as well as the occupants is minimized. In a similar fashion, every successful professional, makes sure that he or she manoeuvres the career journey smoothly. There are always going to be pot-holes strewn in the career road, while the challenge is to be alert, detect these potholes on time and steer around the obstacles. There would also be smooth stretches of road when one could be speeding along, may be to be confronted by a troublesome situation or may be not, for the reason of over speeding. It is all about alertness and it is therefore important that one does not ever take things easy. Nothing is a constant in life and one has to have the foresight to always expect changes, which can be even nasty sometimes. How does one surmount them and come out unscathed? How does one plan a career that is ultimately fulfilling? This vital aspect for the students of the final year has been very carefully planned and is being managed by the College under the direct supervision of the College Administration. With a view to provide adequate Career information and further guidance, Dr. M. Massey, the Principal of the College established a "Career Information, Training and Placement Centre" which was initially functioning at the Jamuna Terrace Building in the College Campus itself. Many of the staff members were directly and indirectly associated with this important activity. For a close liaison with the University Employment Bureau, University of Allahabad, the Principal has nominated Mr. P. K. Solomon, College Chaplain and Office Assistant to take care of the Placement Activities in consultation and collaboration with the University authorities. A large number of career activities have since been organized both at the College level and at the University Employment Bureau, wherein students of the Ewing Christian College participated in large numbers and many have been selected for various strategic positions in important and reputed companies. Yearly Career Melas have been successively organized at the University of Allahabad, by the University Employment Bureau, and students of Ewing Christian College not only bagged prizes in various events but displayed their outstanding talents, thereby bringing laurels to the College, to their own families and societies as well. Various companies such as IBM Daksh, Wipro Technologies, Synergy Tech Services, Apex Laboratories, Convergys, Frankfinn Institute, Genpact, Glaxo Laboratories, HCL Technologies, etc. etc., have been conducting campus recruitment drives in the College as well as the University. Ewing Christian College, Allahabad provides all the facilities to the companies visiting the college for campus drives. Students are well informed about the Job Opportunities and the college puts in all out efforts to ensure that those of our final year students who wish to seek and secure a job/better career opportunities are aptly benefitted. Interested students are always welcome to submit their Brief Resume to the College at the following email IDs: 1. 2. Moral and Religious Education (MRE) Moral and religious education is a co-curricular activity of the college, which is open to all B.A. and B.Sc students. MRE tries to inculcate good moral values in students, provides knowledge of various religion and helps to enable the students to make efforts to � study to show thyself approved unto God � . MRE includes two activities:- (1) Moral and Religious Education classes, (2) Christian activities.