Department of Philosophy

Philosophy Department was established in 1956 and Dr. Miss R. Rudra became its founder Head of the Department. Besides her Dr. H.C. Jaiswal Mr. S.W.Saunders, Dr. M.P. Singh, Dr. S.B. Singh and Dr. S.K. Shukla have served the Department. Since its inception the Department established its distinguished identity by regularly organizing National Seminars, Conferences, Workshops and Symposiams. The Department was selected under COHSSIP programme of U.G.C. and got teaching assistance which helped the Department in accelerating the research activities and extra-curricular activities. The Department got funds for purchasing reference books for the Department and for innovative teaching methodology. The Department has been financed by Indian Council of Philosophical Research, New Delhi to organize two national seminars and periodical lecturers. The Department has credit of organizing a workshop under the guidance of renowned Philosopher Prof. Lee. Underhill of Hastings College U.S.A. The founder head Dr. (Ms.) Rudra had the credit of doing her Ph.D. from. U.S.A. Dr. M.P. Singh, former head of the Department received career award of U.G.C. Dr. S.K. Shukla, Reader in the Department has been awarded the prestigious D.Litt. degree by University of Allahabad.

Under C.P.E. scheme the Department has been identified as Star Department and allocated a sum of Rs. One Lakh for purchasing reference books like Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophy and other valuable reference books, for publishing the proceedings of I.C.P.R. sponsored National seminar, for subscribing research journals and for publication of research journal by the Department. The Department has been completely renovated and furnished. It has got computing and printing facility with internet connectivity. The Department is planning to start Post graduate classes and trying its best to get identified as Centre of Excellence in the field of Applied Philosophy. It is noteworthy that at present both the faculty members have published more than hundred research papers each and published twelve books. The Department has organized five seminars and conferences and several periodical lectures by eminent Professors of Philosophy.