Faculty of Science

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.):

The following subject combinations are available in the Bachelor of Science Three Year Degree Program:

  1. Mathematics Stream
    • Physics – Chemistry – Mathematics (PCM)
    • Physics – Statistics – Mathematics (PSM)
    • Physics – Electronics – Mathematics (PEM)
    • Physics – Computer Application – Mathematics (PCAM)
    • Physics – Biophysics – Mathematics (PBPM)
  2. Biology Stream
    • Botany – Zoology – Chemistry (BZC)
    • Botany – Biotechnology – Chemistry (BBTC)
    • Botany – Microbiology – Zoology (BMBZ)

In B.Sc. Semester V, students will be allowed to retain two subjects and drop one of the three subjects which they selected in Semester I. This is an online process and once two subjects have been selected and one subject has been dropped, modification in subject selection will not be entertained.

Masters of Science (M.Sc.):

Some of the following subjects offer M.Sc. course as well. The Admission in M.Sc. is done on the basis of Admission rules of the University of Allahabad.

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