Department of Psychology

Department of Psychology was established in 1948 by Dr. A.E. Harper and received leaderships by Dr. S.K.V.Liddle, Dr. A.K. Verma and Mr. R.K. Anand. The present head is Dr. Sheetla Prasad. There are four major objectives of the Department:-

 1.Promotion of student//s potential by classroom teaching, organizational visit and field exposure.

 2. Academician//s interaction :Organized conferences, seminars and workshops. Department is known to organize various conference related to higher education issues and implicational Psychology.

 3. Promotions of research activities :Action on major research projects and the focus areas are : a- AIDS and social issues, b-lifestyle intervention for environmental promotion, c- architectural analysis of face for psyche prediction (project in hand funded by UGC).

 4.Psychological services Two year Post Graduate Diploma in Mental Health Management for graduates (Science and Arts graduate are eligible).